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Cheryl & Company LLC creates space for self exploration & discovery through group gatherings and one-on-one coaching.

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Improve Your Health & Your Life

What would it take for you to feel great in your body? Would it help to eat more healthily, exercise more, and nourish your body with luscious self care? Get the support you need to tackle your goals, create healthy practices, and make the lifestyle changes you’ve been dreaming of making. Find out about Holistic Health Coaching.



Clear Out Your Clutter

Your space is an outward expression of your inner life and can directly impact your health. Do you have more stuff than you need? Do you have clutter that you never seem to clear? Would you like help?  My approach is compassionate and supportive as I guide you to release, clear out, and get organized. Learn more about Decluttering Services.



Learn & Experience Energy Medicine

drop_crWe are surrounded by energy. We are energy. How can we learn to engage energy to better our health and well being? This series of offerings addresses just that question, presenting practitioners from varied energy practices in a friendly, small group “salon” setting. Learn more or find Energy Medicine Salons.



Connect to Your Inner Wisdom with SoulCollage®

SeaLions+FlagsIt’s fun! It’s easy! And yet SoulCollage® can lead to deep self exploration and transformation. Cards are made by intuitively collaging images. Representing aspects of our Self, they can then be consulted. They help us to access our inner voices and can impart deep wisdom! Learn more or find SoulCollage® workshops.