Jan 2019 Decluttering Laser Coaching Special

“We have some very big energies coming in that you will not be able to take advantage of if you are bogged down in physical, emotional and energetic clutter, old intentions, unfinished business, anything you have put off or procrastinated and should have done “yesterday”, regrets, unexpressed communication, attachments to disappointments and unmanifested dreams, persisting bad habits, and we can go on and on as the list is very long.”  ~ The Power Path Monthly Forecast for January 2019

According to this and other spiritual and energetic teachers I follow, now is the time to clear out that clutter!

While usually we think of clutter as physical items, there are emotional attachments that keep us from letting go or finishing up things. So while we start with the stuff in our space, this process always gets into bigger life stuff. After all, that’s why it’s there, to help us face what we need to face.

If that’s something you could use some help with, here’s a limited-time special offer:

Decluttering Laser Coaching Special

Get support to:

  • Make changes in your space
  • Release attachments to anything that no longer serves you
  • Remove distractions, attention draining items, and things that drag you down
  • Lighten your load
  • Love your space (and your desk, closets, storage areas, etc)
  • Be ready to receive new energy and opportunities in your life

This 4-Session Package includes:

Initial “Jump Start” Session (1.5 hours)
  • Over the phone or Skype (in-person* available to local residents)
  • We’ll talk (or walk) through the areas you want to address, identify how to approach them, actually start addressing items one by one, and create a plan for moving forward. In particular this session is about getting perspective on your situation, identifying how your clutter affects you, and learning questions and tools to help you tackle your clutter.
3 Laser Coaching Follow-up Calls (1/2 hour each, roughly weekly)
  • Over the phone or Skype
  • We’ll check in on how things have gone (providing motivational accountability for you), work through areas of confusion or items causing troubles, and establish intentions for the upcoming week to keep you on track and moving forward
This is a special, time limited offer!  Sign up by January 31 and sessions must be used by March 15.


Get the support you need through these 4 coaching sessions for just $195.
* In person sessions that are further than 25 minutes away will incur an additional travel charge.

Not sure?

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