Landlords might sell our flat?!?!  What are we going to do?

Husband’s Christmas vacation is commandeered for decluttering.

Official notice – we gotta move.

More decluttering. Thank God for charity shops and  freecycle.

Found a new flat – 550 sq feet and that has to include my office.  And on the 3rd (4th in US) floor. Got lots of character, though, and great light. But no lift/elevator…

Where did all this stuff come from? Donating, selling, donating, tossing. (Oh, the guilt – how could we generate so much garbage? Really, we did recycle and donate everything we could!)

But we’re beginning to feel that we are living lighter, less tied to our stuff, clearing out the excess that we never used anyway. (How could so much accumulate in 3 years?)

Get boxes from a friend and through freecycle – yeah! no need to purchase new.

Packing up…after all that decluttering…still finding another corner, another drawer…where does it all come from???

The removals/mover guys arrive. Lovely guys. They tell us we really don’t have that much stuff really. Really lovely guys.

Then they see our new flat.

And tell us we have way too much stuff and will never fit it all in.