Preparing your own home cooked meals from scratch using real, whole ingredients is probably the single most health supporting habit you can cultivate. And then there is reality. So here are some tips & ideas for your home cooking. But first, a reminder:  The aim is always just to take one step closer to eating […]


This is one of my winter favorites. It’s yummy, nutritious, and the veggies (rutabaga especially) and color (mostly shades of white) connect me to the Nordic side of my heritage. I use these bags of root vegetables that my local coop (Mississippi Market) sells. It’s fairly easy if you have access to these bags as […]


  Many people say the best time to clear clutter is in the fall. This is based on an an approach that follows natures cycles as that’s when trees are releasing their leaves, plants are pulling their energy down, and there is generally a dying back and releasing before the next cycle of regeneration.  This […]


The amazing Mama Gena (Regena Thomashauer) talks about the power of bragging to reconnect us to our feminine power, or as she says it, our “divine Goddess energy.” Our society discourages us women from tooting our own horn, from calling attention to ourselves, and from saying things that might be taken to imply that we […]


[Note: Skip to the end to discover a gift for YOU.] Have you considered this? We focus so much attention on others this time of year, and that’s no bad thing. Giving has it’s rewards. But what do you want for yourself? I recently heard this question and it got me thinking. What do I […]


September 2018. I’ve known for quite a while that autumn is the best time of year for decluttering. It’s natural! Nature is starting it’s process of pulling in and down, of letting go. Regardless of how connected we do or don’t feel to nature, it’s going to have an effect on us, calling on us […]


I am someone who likes to know what is going to happen. For every course I’ve taken, I start by checking out the syllabus or agenda. I like to get the big picture first to know what to expect. This carries into the events I facilitate. I usually plan out the flow of information, what […]


Often archetypes are hard to define. As universally recognizable and yet unconscious patterns of energy, thought, and behaviors, archetypes tend to be defined by their stories, myths, and how they are “dressed” as one Jungian friend said to me. “Undress them and there is nothing there.” The Wild Woman archetype is no different and potentially […]


Massaged Kale Salad

17 March 2018

I LOVE this recipe. It’s so easy and is a great way to eat kale raw. Kale (and other cruciferous vegetables) are super good for you either cooked or raw, but raw has an added benefit, especially if chewed or chopped well. When the cells of raw cruciferous (kale, broccoli, cabbage, etc) vegetables are broken […]

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

14 March 2018

Breakfast is challenging for many people (including me!). It is important to break the overnight fast and get your digestion going, yet most people have little time for food preparation and most quick “healthy” breakfast foods are highly processed with low quality oils, refined grains and added sugar, dried fruit, and no veggies in sight. […]

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Easy Lentils

4 March 2018

My husband or I make this quick and easy lentil recipe nearly weekly. You can have it as a side meat, vegetables & rice, or water it down a little more as a soup. In a large pot, saute one chopped onion (optional: add carrots or celery) Add: 1 cup red lentils, rinsed veggie stock […]

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Embracing my Inner Queen (or, WWQD?)

1 September 2017

I had a big birthday recently. Yep. Half a century. Of course countless women have preceded me in this. And countless will follow. But still it felt really big. Not because I was resisting getting older, or mourning my youth, or anything like that. It just felt like something was shifting and I wanted to […]

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What is the “Goddess Approach”?

1 March 2016

What is “The Goddess Approach”? What does that really mean? What’s different about these events? 1) The Goddess Approach provides an alternative: a more feminine path. Western civilization is so thoroughly steeped in the linear, logical, individualistic, and competitive aspects of the masculine spectrum that at certain levels we aren’t even aware that there are […]

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Letting Go of “Should’s”

26 February 2016

I know, I know, I shouldn’t listen to the “should’s” in my head. I should just let them go. And I should be able to do that easily because I’ve done so many self development courses and followed the experts that teach this. So I should be much better at it than I am. Really, […]

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Clearing Away Last Year (4 Powerful Journaling Topics)

11 January 2016

In the “Goddess Approach Retreat”, I call these journaling exercises “The Acknowledgements.” They are ways to acknowledge what has happened, to bring your attention to and therefore create more positive change, and to honor your life. They are tied to the energy of the seasons, although we can go through all of the seasons in […]

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The Great Mother came to me last night

27 April 2015

The other night, in the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing about all the things I hadn’t gotten done. Eventually, finally, I had the thought: “I can’t do anything about any of this. Let it go.” In that moment that I surrendered, it felt like a presence encircled me. The […]

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What’s your Word of the Year?

29 November 2014

I’ve just settled on my word of the year and I’m so excited! It’s such a funny process. I never know what it’s going to be until it hits me. A couple of years ago I chose it was “Inspiration”. (I would like to think I chose it, but really I think it chose me!). […]

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Moonrise over Phoenix

6 September 2014

If you take Hwy 64 heading northwest out of Taos, New Mexico you’ll cross a high, semi-arid plain with rolling hills nestled just west of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Suddenly the land gives way to a “techtonic chasm” – a slash cutting right down into the earth – along which runs the Rio Grande […]

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my “Remover of Obstacles”

27 August 2014

In SoulCollage®, cards are “read”. That is, after collaging a card, you speak from it as if it was speaking. Made from images that we intuitively choose, the words often seem to come from a deep wise place within. Here’s what this one said: “I am the one who stands in your path, seemingly blocking […]

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In the Flow: A Manifesto

19 March 2014
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Night & Day: Musings from 35,000 ft

19 February 2014

I LOVE flying. Really truly love it. I love all the stuff about travel and adventure and places unknown (or returning to places known) and all that. But what I truly really love about flying is looking out the airplane window – day or night, clear or cloudy (ok, clear is much better). I just […]

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Tummy Love

7 January 2014

Over the holidays I was looking through some women’s magazines and all those unavoidable photos of overly skinny women. Before I knew it, the subliminal messages about how I “should” look entered my mind. Now I obviously don’t have aspirations of looking like a model, but as I looked at those perfectly photo-shopped anorexic bodies, […]

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Are You a Winner?

6 December 2013

I think it was in High School when I last thought about ‘winners’ so much. Then ‘winners’ were the people that wore the right clothes, played the right sports, said the right things, listened (and knew) the right music, etc. I’m not sure I ever fit into that category. I’m so glad all this has […]

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It’s a Launch…

17 November 2013

…AND WE’RE HAVING A PARTY!!! Well, sorta. an ONLINE party at least! Lasting ALL WEEK! So find some champagne and cake and start moving your feet to the music! Because we have lots of reasons to celebrate: 1)  A new business name: Cheryl & Co. 2) A new Facebook page: “CherylKandCo“ (and a renewed motivation to […]

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Now offering SoulCollage® Workshops!

6 November 2013

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog as other things have been percolating, and now I’m thrilled to announce my new venture offering SoulCollage® workshops! SoulCollage® is an intuitive, creative and transformational process involving the creation of a deck of cards that represent aspects of your Self, from which you can access your […]

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A Blessing

30 May 2013

I’ve never been great at giving thanks or saying prayers or anything like that. Actually, I seriously rebelled against saying grace at the table as I couldn’t relate to the words and equated it with what, at the time, I saw as the old fashioned, rigid, religious dogma of my Grandmother (sorry G’ma!). But I’m […]

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“A Broken Heart is an Open Heart”

19 May 2013

I’m so inspired by the daring souls who allowed themselves to be vulnerable, faced difficult emotions, opened up their hearts, and created more love in the world at the forgiveness workshop this weekend. Thank you to each and every one of you for showing up and making it such a special event! And an extra […]

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“Whatever is in the way, is the way.”

13 May 2013

In writing about his own personal journey through pain, Raphael Cushnir states: “The emotional realm is the nexus between self and Spirit. Whatever is in the way, is the way.” Wow. How many things have been in my way lately! Sometimes its frustration, disappointment or even anger at things not going my way. Sometimes overwhelm […]

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Azim Khamisa on CBS

29 April 2013
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“Unforgiveness is like cancer. It will eat you from the inside out.”

28 April 2013

The very inspiring Minnesotan, Mary Johnson, as quoted on CBS:

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