Could I Forgive the 9/11 Terrorists?

25 April 2013

It was September 13, 2001 and about an hour into my drive from the Twin Cities to Colorado. I had started by turning on the radio. The country was still in shock, and with many questions, very few answers, and an inability to talk about anything else, it was mostly angry conjecture coming through the […]

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“How can justice be a part of healing?”

24 April 2013

I love imagining a world where we all live in peace, collaboration, and cooperation. I was reminded of this again while listening to the Beyond the Bombings teleconference offered by the Shift Network. During the session, James O’Dea said “…how can justice be a part of healing, rather than revenge? So much of our preoccupation with […]

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What Forgiveness Isn’t

24 April 2013

[I recently revised my definition of forgiveness so am reposting it here. What do you think?] I’ll never forget sitting in a pub located in a deconsecrated church in Dublin, Ireland, having a conversation about forgiveness with a friend. He just could not understand how I could forgive certain situations and people. Later I realized […]

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Sandy Dooley’s “Spring”

21 March 2013

I can’t help sharing this lovely painting. I love the lightness and airiness. Given the amount of April snow we have had this year, it also makes me hopeful that spring will eventually arrive! Find Sandy at: And on Facebook at:    

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Are you holding on to Resentment?

4 February 2013

Is there someone that owes you an apology? Is there someone that still deserves punishment or justice? What situation are you still angry about? Do you need to forgive yourself? Are you feeling guilty for something you have done? Now, I’m not saying these aren’t valid emotions. They are. It’s important to acknowledge them. But […]

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Interview with Azim Khamisa

2 February 2013

I started following Azim Khamisa after an interview I heard through the Shift Network. I remember thinking – wow, this guy really gets it. It was part of a set of interviews called Summer of Peace 2012 that could be listened to live (or within a short time) and then became part of a package […]

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What Abundance Isn’t

30 January 2013

I hadn’t realized that it was actually Steven Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” who, in 1989, coined the concept of abundance mindset vs poverty mindset (he called it abundance mentality). Then again, I think I only ever got through Habit 2 of that book. But with the popularity of the concept […]

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Messages from the Universe

25 January 2013

Have you heard of Mike Dooley? I’d put him quite near the top of my ‘inspiring people’ list. Founder of TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts), he sends an inspiring email message every single day. Now, for most people (except maybe the Dalai Llama and Eckhart Tolle), if they told me they were going to send me […]

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Who do you need to forgive?

15 January 2013

An ex-spouse? A deceased loved one? A parent? A sibling? Your boss? An illness? The government? Liberals? Conservatives? The 9/11 terrorists? God? Yourself?    

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Where is ‘Away’?

7 January 2013

[From the Archives…here’s one I originally posted in April 2009 (while living in London) in a now defunct blog.] It’s not just about carbon footprints and global warming. A friend recently reminded me that “there is no ‘away’”.  What gets “thrown away” into our bins goes somewhere, and sticks around for a long, long time.  And maybe, […]

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The most important question to ask

31 July 2011

When decluttering, it is easy to get stuck on questionable items. When this happens, just pay attention to your energy and what it’s doing, and ask yourself: Does this enhance my life, bringing me lightness and joy and energy? Or, does it weigh me down, keeping me from moving forward, and drain my attention and energy just because I know it’s there? The answer […]

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“But I might need it someday”

23 June 2011

This is probably the most common believe that we attach to our possessions in order to avoid letting them go, and it’s one that I’ve personally struggled with. “But we might need that” has been handed down from my depression-era grandparents (not that that’s an excuse!) and probably their immigrant parents before them. I’ll never […]

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What is Clutter?

2 June 2011

Clutter is basically anything that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest. It is typically thought of in terms of physical possessions, including Items that you no longer use or love things that need to be tidied up or better organized. Our physical possessions come with associated thoughts, feelings and beliefs. These may […]

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5 Signs You Are Ready to Declutter

23 May 2011

1) You spend a 1/2 hour each day looking for things. 2) You can’t open your doors properly. 3) You have stuff in boxes that you haven’t looked at for years. 4) You have to step over (or you trip over) clutter on the floor. 5) You look around and don’t feel the space reflects who […]

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What’s Beneath Your Clutter?

16 May 2011

Most of our clutter is attached to situations in our lives, our emotions, and our state of mind. We use clutter to buffer ourselves from things that are happening in our lives and the associated emotions. If you have a space in your home that is suffering from clutteritis, there’s probably a reason for it. What is […]

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A Taste of My Own Medicine

9 May 2011

Landlords might sell our flat?!?!  What are we going to do? Husband’s Christmas vacation is commandeered for decluttering. Official notice – we gotta move. More decluttering. Thank God for charity shops and  freecycle. Found a new flat – 550 sq feet and that has to include my office.  And on the 3rd (4th in US) floor. Got lots […]

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