In the “Goddess Approach Retreat”, I call these journaling exercises “The Acknowledgements.” They are ways to acknowledge what has happened, to bring your attention to and therefore create more positive change, and to honor your life. They are tied to the energy of the seasons, although we can go through all of the seasons in a day.

Taking a few minutes to create a page in your journal for each of these acknowledgements is a lovely way to release the past year and prepare for the upcoming year. (You may want to reference the different categories of your life like I did – here is the “Life Areas Flower” I use.)

Goddess Approach Plan yearAcknowledgements #1: Release & Forgiveness (Autumn)

What did you release last year? What did you let go of? What did you decide to take off of your to-do list?

What or who did you forgive? Who did you decide would no longer be an inner dictator of your emotions?

What unfinished business is there that needs to be released? What or who do you choose to release right now, before moving fully into next year?

Use your journal to acknowledge major releases from last year. Honor yourself and that you did this.

Acknowledgement #2: Gratitude (Winter)

Choosing gratitude is a reorganizing of one’s internal energies to a higher vibration. As focusing on something attracts more of that thing, focusing on gratitude can only have positive results in your life.

This is a powerful process that has been much written about it already, and of course it’s a favorite topic of Oprah’s.

What are you grateful for from last year?

General is fine, but the more specific you can get, the more powerful the effect.

Acknowledgement #3: Serendipities & Synchronicities (Spring)

Want more magic in your life? The trick is to honor what you’ve received. Remember: What you put your attention on expands. The more you see the gifts of life, the more gifts there will be to see.

Keep track of accidental discoveries, synchronicities, & everyday jewels.

They might be unexpected gifts, flashes of inspiration, sudden aha’s, or intuitive truths. See them, honor them, acknowledge them…and let the magic begin!

Acknowledgement #4: Gains & Accomplishments (Summer)

Ever feel like time flies by and you don’t know what happened? This is your place to acknowledge yourself, to honor your gains.

Our monkey brain likes to look at our faults, picking apart everything we do to find what wasn’t right. This exercise also helps to re-wire the brain by focusing on the opposite (and creating some nice vibes within!).

What were your gains last year? What do did you achieve? What are you proud of?

This is abundance that you created, in whatever form it appears. Honor that. Write it down.


The “Goddess Approach” Retreat materials also incorporated the 5th season recognized in Chinese energy: that of Indian Summer (or the transition between seasons). This is a time of transition and preparation.

The journaling activity for this season was developed and coined by Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way. This activity assists in your transition from nighttime (acknowledging whatever might have been brewing in your subconscious during that time) and is very helpful for preparing for your day.

Morning Pages

Each morning (or as early as possible) write three journal pages of whatever is going through your head. Anything. Whatever is there so that it can get out. 3 pages. That’s it. Then stop.

Don’t underestimate the power of this!


Have you done any of these? What was your experience?