Date(s) - Fri 08 Jan 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Private Home


I’m very excited to be hosting Kari Tauring for this fun evening that is intended to augment and complement Saturday’s The Goddess Approach to 2015: Create Your Dream Life Tapestry workshop.  Register for both for a magical weekend!


Spinning and Weaving Runes in Norse Tradition


From time immemorial, the tools of wool work have been used to express the creation mythologies, metaphysical mysteries, and magic (runes and runos) of Nordic spinners and weavers.

Kari says:

Each of us is born with a spindle of thread spun by our ancestors. In Norse tradition, this is called the öorlog. Öorlog is an old Norse word meaning “primal law” – the things that came before us that are sturdy and stable and can’t be move – the stuff that’s been spun and can’t be un-spun. You got what you got…. But we can change our attitudes and emotional responses, and we can choose to spin our strand differently.

Web of WyrdNo strand of öorlog stands on its own. These threads weave together to create the fabric of the community, the earth and earth energy, and of our deepest ancestors which, in Norse tradition, is the gods themselves. These connections create the web of wyrd.

The word rune comes from “ru” meaning “secret.”   Runes are phonemes (units of sounds) and also words with historical and spiritual significance. They are symbols that repeat themselves in traditional weavings, dance forms, and even skiing patterns with meanings that exist deep within our ancient memory. Their sounds and stories are nature magical. They are a living and organic system that connects each user to her or his environment, life condition, and öorlog.

Join us as volva (staff carrier), Kari Tauring, spins and weaves us down this path with spindles, runes, runos, and movement.

About Kari Tauring

Kari2Kari is spaekona and volva (prophet woman and staff carrier) of Norse spiritual tradition, a Master teacher, and a healer. She has years of study in runes, lore, seidr, galdr, healing, journey and work on the web of wyrd.

Kari offers psychic readings and dream interpretation. With three decades of experience, Kari quickly identifies barriers and gives remedies for growth. At the core of her work are the Runes (an ancient alphabetic symbol system from circa 100 ACE) — and the metaphors they reveal through their their sounds, stories, and manifestations in Nordic dance and song. She uses breath, stav and tein for rhythm in performance and in her unique spiritual practice Volva Stav.

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Location: Private Home in St Paul…please note that we have a dog who may be around. The address will be sent to registered participants.

Price: $30

Advance registration is required. (Registration closes on Friday at noon.)


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