Date(s) - Thu 21 Jan 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Private Home


This series of events will feature a different practitioner or teacher, and approach to Energy Medicine, each month. Please see the general description for the Energy Medicine Salons.

KellyTobin3Movement Awareness: Ground and Connect Through Your Spine

Explore a deep, internal relationship with yourselves through your spine.

Kelly will share the process she has used to ground deeply, experience ease of movement in her body, increase intuition and awareness, and feel more connected to source.

This process includes vibration through breath and sounding and using micro-movements that expand awareness within the body.

Kelly says:

“Paying attention to all of the subtleties of the internal body waves and motions has opened me to a world  in which mystery and awe can be part of everyday life.  Accessing myself in this way helps me move through life in a more integrated and connected way. Traveling and tracking into our inner depths is what brings juice to my life and motivates me to bring this alive for others.”

About Kelly Tobin:

KellyTobin1Kelly has been a bodywork practitioner for 28 years and currently offers massage at The Marsh in Minnetonka.  Through these years of practice and on going study with the body she has found a deep respect and appreciation for the internal life flow that is coursing through us every second of every day.  She has spent the past ten years working with Continuum Movement, developed by Emilie Conrad.  

Location: Private Home in St Paul…please note that we have a dog who may be around. The address will be sent to registered participants.

Advance registration is required. Registration closes the day prior to the event.

Refund/Cancellation policy: Due to the low pricing and small group size, no refunds will be given for the Energy Medicine Salons. Those who cancel more than 48 hours prior to the event can receive a credit for a future Energy Medicine Salon



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