Date(s) - Thu 18 Oct 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Private Home


This series features a different practitioner or teacher and approach to Energy Medicine each session. Please see the general description for the Energy Medicine Salons.

The Heart’s Intelligence with Arleen Hollenhorst

“The inner work we do is mirrored by our outer world. The events in the larger world come in and we need to process, integrate and create resilience so we can continue to be a positive influence within ourselves and the world around us.”   ~ Arleen Hollenhorst

Our worldview affects our physiology. Many people are experiencing negativity from the fast pace of change, potential destruction, disease and physical pain. This stress affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We can shift our approach, (worldview), through our hearts, and can experience an alert calm in the face of these stressors.

Drawing on her extensive holistic trainings, personal experience, and the over 25 years of research conducted by HeartMath®, Arleen will share how our worldview impacts our heart rhythms, which in turn reflect our inner state (level of stress).

You will learn and practice simple and profound techniques to create an alert calm in any moment and thereby:

  • Increase physiological and behavioral resilience over time
  • Take charge of your emotions
  • Experience your heart’s intelligence regardless of the stress coming at you.
  • Shift from a state of stress into balance and positive feelings like appreciation, compassion and care. You will have an option to check your progress with bio-feedback.
  • Practice increasing your internal awareness and develop self-empowerment skills to achieve the health you want. (symptom management)
  • Create inner ease around something in your life that has been a recurring trigger or issue for you, while experiencing your heart’s intelligence.

“These techniques are so simple you will be able to share them with loved ones, ages 3 to 103.  There is no need to stop whatever you are doing to practice. You may practice anytime, anywhere, such as during stressful driving conditions, stressful conversations, tense meetings, or even when your computer is not functioning properly!”

About Arleen Hollenhorst

Arleen worked with patients for 40 years as an RN. Ten years into her practice, she understood that her main interest was learning to support patients in coping with the stress of their disease and treatment. She studied and practiced guided imagery and energy healing. Soon she identified her own need for self-care and self compassion, and became Board Certified as a Holistic Nurse. Other studies included further work in energy healing, Holistic Stress Management, spiritual mentoring, clinical aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and HeartMath® Interventions. Currently she is retired, but continues to work independently, incorporating these modalities under the heading of “Holistic Stress Management”.

Her vision continues to honor and mentor self-knowing, self-acceptance and self- compassion in others and herself. She says, “For me, healing movement begins with a physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort that invites and sometimes demands full attention. My challenge is staying present to this discomfort, to let it be whatever it is, until awareness develops. Meaning appears with a teaching, and the discomfort can be released. This new freedom is appreciated, and there is an opportunity to live in this world in a new way.”

Location:  Private home in St Paul (near Grand Ave); the address will be sent to registered participants a couple of days before the event.

Fee:  $20 EARLY BIRD ($25 for registrations after Friday, Oct 12)

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