Date(s) - Thu 25 Apr 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Private Home


This series features a different practitioner or teacher and approach to Energy Medicine each session. Please see the general description for the Energy Medicine Salons.

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE:  Now on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Photo: Gita's food

Eating with Your Nature’s Cycles with Gita Mazumdar

The “temperament and energy” of food impacts your own energetic cycles.

We all have ebbs and flows between waking and sleep that follow our own particular rhythm, such as whether or not you define yourself as a “morning person.”  You can choose to dance gracefully with these energies…or not!

We’ll explore all these cycles that impact us – circadian, lunar, seasonal, and life-long cycles – and how to choose food and eat in an aligned way with these energies.

Ayurvedic approaches, taught to Gita by her mother and Grandmothers, provide the foundation for this approach, such as: the nuances of the six seasons each year, the impact of weather on activities, diet and food-making (hot-and dry, hot and humid, rainy, etc) and one’s own personal temperaments and particular season of life (the doshas).

Learn how to work with the nature of your own personal season, your personal recognition of the daily tide, and in accordance with the earthly seasons. Eat according to the apt season and this will surely take you to the state of contentment and all will be well indeed!

About Gita Mazumdar

Gita is passionate about food, it’s ability to make life, and it’s history.

Historically it is the women who pass down traditions and lore in the kitchen and Gita was the recipient of this. She grew up with in-home grandmothers: first on the coast in Goa with her maternal grandmother and later while attending university in Bombay where she lived with her paternal grandmother. She spent happy hours in the kitchen with them, each day learning about ingredients and their effects on nourishment, flavor and mood. She also learned much from her mother, a doctor who worked in public health, about nutrition and health.

She married a Minnesotan and has lived here for 30 years. She shares the wisdom of the long line of women she came from through her shared meals and classes.

Location:  Private home in St Paul (near Grand Ave); the address will be sent to registered participants a couple of days before the event.

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