Breakfast is challenging for many people (including me!). It is important to break the overnight fast and get your digestion going, yet most people have little time for food preparation and most quick “healthy” breakfast foods are highly processed with low quality oils, refined grains and added sugar, dried fruit, and no veggies in sight.

So a truly healthy breakfast does usually take more time between researching, planning and preparation.

If you are very short of time in the mornings, could you prepare breakfast the night before (while preparing dinner)? Or could you prepare larger quantities and store it for a few days?

I hope what I have brainstormed and researched below will give you ideas and help you have more healthy breakfasts. There’s a variety – some include meat or eggs, others are vegan. Most are gluten free (if you use gluten free oats).

I haven’t tried all of these so if you do, please let me know what you think!


  • Scrambled Eggs with any combination of:
    • Cheese (if you eat it)
    • Veggies
    • Fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro, thyme, etc) that boost the nutritional and healing power while adding flavor. Add as garnish or stir in just before removing from the burner.
  • Scrambled eggs wrap – easier to eat on the run. (Could even use extra scrambled eggs from the day before if eating it cold anyway.)
  • Boiled – keep a few cooked up in your fridge as they are easy to grab on the go!
  • Crust-less Quiche (for those avoiding grains)

Eggy “Muffins”

I’ve made similar eggy muffins, frozen them, and then heated them in the microwave in the morning (back in the days when I had a microwave).

Vegan Scrambles/Omelets

There are lots of recipes for tofu (could be tempeh) out there.  Generally these are easy to reheat so you can make (multiple) in advance.

Avoiding tofu or soy? Try one of the many recipes out there with cauliflower instead.

Fruity Yogurt

Most store-bought yogurt has added sugar plus sugared fruit. This will seriously spike your blood sugar. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Make your own! Use small canning jars if you will be transporting it (and frozen fruit if you won’t eat it for a bit).

  • Get plain unsweetened yogurt
  • Use chopped fresh fruit (yum!) or make your own compote or pie filling so you can control the type and amount of sugar. (I would recommend natural sugars like maple syrup or honey or stevia.)

Non-dairy yogurts tend to have lots of other things added to them. I’ve experimented with them but now usually stay away. What I haven’t tried is making my own…but I hear it’s not that hard!

Dairy Free “Yogurt” (or “Ice cream” depending on liquidity and when you eat it)

Breakfast Salads

Why not?

  • I’m not wild about the bacon in this recipe from a health perspective, but if that’s your thing, a breakfast salad is a healthy accompaniment


Oatmeal with fruit and nuts/seeds. Mine tends to be heavy on the fruit and nuts/seed. In fact, sometimes I just skip the oats. Really.

  • Trick: If you are like me and make a beeline to the kitchen when you first wake up for coffee or tea, get the oats in a pan (or bowl in the microwave) and get them heated up right away. Leave in microwave or turn off the burner – very important. Then let them sit while you get ready, then return and reheat.
  • If steel cut oats take too long for you (they do for me), then go with ‘extra thick’ or ‘old fashioned.’

Overnight oats (eaten cold) are super easy:

  • Combine (1:1 ratio) oats and your preferred milk plus fruit, seeds and flavorings
  • Let soak in fridge for a good 8 hours
  • Add nuts later if you want them to stay crunch
  • Check out YouTube for loads of ideas. Find 8 recipes here.

Home made muesli – beware of added sugar again. Again, there are a kazillion recipes out there. Here’s one:


We have been conditioned to believe that breakfast should be cereal, toast and/or fruit. But there is nothing wrong with having dinner leftovers for breakfast!  Plan ahead:  buy extra veggies and consider breakfast as you are preparing dinner.  Or…consider dinner as you prepare your breakfast!

  • Re-heat them as they are
  • Add to scrambled eggs (especially vegies)
  • Put in a tortilla and make a wrap
  • Make into a breakfast soup (no recipe – you’ll just have to get creative on this one)


Stay tuned for more info…or google as there are loads of ideas out there.

Other Gluten Free Baked Goods