AzimI started following Azim Khamisa after an interview I heard through the Shift Network. I remember thinking – wow, this guy really gets it.

It was part of a set of interviews called Summer of Peace 2012 that could be listened to live (or within a short time) and then became part of a package to be purchased.

BUT then I got an email from the Shift Network that the they were opening up all these interviews for FREE listening.

So I’m just hoping that this link will work for you to be able to listen to Azim’s interview (on July 2). (You might need to register with the Shift Network to access it – but it’s well worth it to get access to their programs…and of course you can always unsubscribe.)

Summer of Peace 2012 Replays

(There’s loads of other good ones there too – but start with Azim!)