I love imagining a world where we all live in peace, collaboration, and cooperation.

I was reminded of this again while listening to the Beyond the Bombings teleconference offered by the Shift Network. During the session, James O’Dea said

“…how can justice be a part of healing, rather than revenge? So much of our preoccupation with justice is punishment, death penalty, war, revenge.

I deeply believe that when you ask that question from love, you get a connection between love and justice and healing. Justice can restore communities and nations to healing and wellness, and to a new awareness of our oneness.”

Can you imagine? What if our system functioned like that! WHAT IF???




The United States has the highest rate of incarceration IN THE WORLD at 716 per 100,000.

Minnesota has the second lowest rate (178 per 100,000 according to my math) in the United States.





Photo by Tom Pearce, Los Gatos.