I LOVE this recipe. It’s so easy and is a great way to eat kale raw. Kale (and other cruciferous vegetables) are super good for you either cooked or raw, but raw has an added benefit, especially if chewed or chopped well.

When the cells of raw cruciferous (kale, broccoli, cabbage, etc) vegetables are broken (by chewing, chopping or blending), compounds on the cell surface and within the cells combine to create an enzyme called myrosinase, which has anti-cancer properties. This is just one of the many ways cruciferous vegetables are good for you.

Warning: this is not a great recipe if you have any cut on your hand as salt and lemon will get into it (ouch!).


1 bunch kale, chopped (stalks removed)

2 T lemon juice


pepper (optional)

olive oil (optional)

Instructions: Combine the kale, lemon and salt in a large boil. Using your hands, ‘massage’ the kale by squeezing and scrunching it until it is soft and wilted and the color will be much greener. Add the oil and pepper if you’d like.

Eat as a side dish just as it is or combine with nuts, seeds, fruit and other salad fixings as a main dish.