Have you heard of Mike Dooley? I’d put him quite near the top of my ‘inspiring people’ list.

Founder of TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts), he sends an inspiring email message every single day. Now, for most people (except maybe the Dalai Llama and Eckhart Tolle), if they told me they were going to send me an emimg_promotional_mikedooley_july2011_1ail every day I’d unsubscribe as fast as…well, I don’t know what.

But when the message is coming from the Universe, it’s hard to ignore.

So not only do I get an email daily from him but most days I read them.

This is from a few days ago:

One sign of achieving enlightenment, Cheryl, other than auras, tinkling bells, and a healing touch, is that you start valuing idle daydreaming as much as you value planning.

Another is that you begin talking sweetly not only to plants and trees, but to cars and toasters and computers.

And, quite unequivocally, feeling gratitude for your present challenges, love for lousy drivers, and sympathy for those who don’t see service in their work.

Serving 7 billion,
The Universe

…Equally unequivocally, Cheryl, you find you’re eagerly picking up random trash in public places, simply beaming at the chance.

His motto, by the way, is: Thoughts Become Things…Choose the Good Ones!

(I might have to rethink how I talk to my toaster…)