My Wish For You…


is that as you open this page

magic glitter of love rains down upon you

supporting and nourishing you at this time.

And that it brings with it

the power of transformation…


for you to see how perfect you are, just as you are

for you to be your beautiful, whole, unique self

so that you may offer your gifts to the world

so that you can help transform the world

in the way that only you can.


It may mean things need to change.

It may mean confronting limiting beliefs and old stories.

It may mean tackling habits that no longer serve.

It may mean letting go of who you have been

to be who you are becoming.

It may mean surrendering fully to what is.


And now,

you are invited

to cross this threshold,

to pass through this portal, and

to start a journey of exploration and adventure.


Are you ready?

If so…