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Have you considered this?

We focus so much attention on others this time of year, and that’s no bad thing. Giving has it’s rewards. But what do you want for yourself?

I recently heard this question and it got me thinking. What do I want, really?

It took a day or two, then I woke up knowing.

I want to enter the New Year with a cleared off desk (as in all the little projects that have been sitting there for a couple of years getting done or thrown out). And my email inbox empty (yes, that’s possible, but it’s probably been about 12 years since it happened).

That’s it. That would feel glorious to me!  So just have to make it happen.

Now, some of you are clean desk people. Some of you have that natural ability to wrap up everything at the end of the day, tidy off that work surface, and start with a clean slate regularly. That’s not me, nor has it ever been me. My natural state is messy and cluttered (that’s how I got into decluttering in the first place!). So yes, this works for me.

But then my monkey mind kicked in – you know, that part of me that told me that this was a stupid idea, that it was just making more work for myself, that I shouldn’t make commitments I can’t keep, that I should do something more loving. Maybe a massage?

It didn’t help that I asked my husband what he would want for himself and he answered “a Mercedes.”

Oh, I guess I could think a little bigger.

But my husband doesn’t really have the intention of getting a Mercedes, so that’s just a fantasy…for the time being at least.

I want something “MAPable”: Measurable, Attainable and with Passion.

Measurable and attainable?  Yes for sure. But passion? Well, um, maybe. I do really enjoy the feeling of clearing out clutter. Clearing off my desk would give my mind and work the space to grow, and releasing those things that are weighing me down. It’s also all about the feeling of accomplishment, of having completed a bunch of projects. And of course, the satisfaction of starting the year with a clean slate. Besides, I’m a home-body; I do thoroughly enjoy projects around the house…when I get to them.

Besides, it won’t take much to make some improvement:

photo: messy desk

So I’m sticking with it. It may break all kinds of advice about self care and what not, but that’s okay, it feels right. It will take extra effort to make it happen (based on the evidence that it hasn’t happened yet!), but that is actually what the gift is: giving myself the time and dedicated effort to clear our what needs to be cleared out. And it might not happen, but some progress will have been made, and I will be fine with that too.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, I have a gift for you, in case it helps with what you would like for yourself:

These 30 minute calls are an opportunity for you to get clarity on any issue that you would like. Maybe…

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