Clutter is basically anything that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest.

It is typically thought of in terms of physical possessions, including

  • Items that you no longer use or love
  • things that need to be tidied up or better organized.

Our physical possessions come with associated thoughts, feelings and beliefs. These may uplift us, help us to be more efficient and productive, and be enjoyable and supportive, or they may remind us of past relationships, elicit yucky old feelings (such as thinking of something we “should” do or have done), or be no longer useful and in the way.

If an item doesn’t serve us, doesn’t uplift us, and doesn’t easily fit into a well organized space, then it is probably clutter.

Clutter can also be unfinished projects and business. There may be physical items relating to those projects, but clutter can take on mental form as well.

Every little thing that we’ve ever thought of doing but haven’t yet completed or let go of has a bit of energy attached to it in the form of occasional thoughts about it: “Oh yeah, I still haven’t done that.”

Compare the feelings associated with that thought to the satisfaction and uplifting energy of thinking “I’ve let that go. I’m not doing it.” or “Yes, I completed that. It’s done.”

Which would you prefer?

Photo by tommerton2010