Most of our clutter is attached to situations in our lives, our emotions, and our state of mind. We use clutter to buffer ourselves from things that are happening in our lives and the associated emotions. If you have a space in your home that is suffering from clutteritis, there’s probably a reason for it.

What is your clutter protecting you from?

If you find it challenging coming up with an answer, then imagine yourself charging into that space and dealing with it. What emotions come up? What’s holding you back? What do these objects represent in your life? Is there an event, or person, or fear that you’ve attached to those objects?

As with many of my clients, one that I’ll call Sally was in a transition period in her life. While historically she’s kept her spare bedroom very neat, during the past few months it had become a disaster area. During our session we talked through what the items were and what they represented in her life. She realized that the biggest problem in the room was the summer clothes, and that she associated these clothes with a past long-term relationship. She didn’t want many of the clothes anymore, but they reminded her of the lovely vacations she had had with her ex, and she just hadn’t been able to tackle the space. By identifying first the items that were challenging, and then the emotional association, she realized that she wasn’t yet fully letting go of that relationship. While it may be an emotional process, cleaning that space will help her move on from that relationship. Then, who knows what new opportunities await?

Your home can be a useful tool to diagnose what’s really happening in your life. What is your home saying about you?