Client Decluttering Project: Storage Closet


Many people say the best time to clear clutter is in the fall. This is based on an an approach that follows natures cycles as that’s when trees are releasing their leaves, plants are pulling their energy down, and there is generally a dying back and releasing before the next cycle of regeneration.  This approach makes a lot of sense to me (as evident by my past articles).

Following that logic, the second best time is the spring, just as spring cleaning is to clear out the accumulated dust and stagnant energy from winter.

And then there is the philosophy that anytime is a good time to the declutter, so why not now? Which also makes a lot of sense.

But what I find for myself is that the desire to clear out, clean up and organize comes in waves.  Sometimes I have the energy to attack clutter and other times, well, not so much.

Lately I have definitely had an urge to clean up and clear out practically any space I encounter. It’s almost pathological. My travel drawer is cleared of all the little sample bottles I will never use. My books have been reduced and reorganized. I’m desperate to get into our linen/toiletries closet. I’ve gone crazy sorting and organizing all my SoulCollage® handouts and materials and putting together a nice new organized binder for them (part of my desk clean up project that’s still in progress).

What’s going on?

As it turns out, 3 very different esoteric/spiritual/energetic teachers I follow are all saying that this is a particularly auspicious time to be clearing the clutter out of our lives and space. That is, NOW. This month. January 2019.

Why? Because our world is shifting and new energy will start coming in soon that will be much easier to assimilate if we get all the gunk out of the way first.

Is that true?

Who knows. But I do know I am feeling this pull to declutter and I’ve heard from others that they are too. So I’ve put together a last minute special deal on decluttering coaching.

Are you feeling this pull?

Is there a space that is bugging you and needs decluttering?

Are their items in your home that are ready to be released and moved on to their next home?

Do you need to clear space for new energy in your life?

If you got the decluttering bug and would like some help, CLICK HERE to check out this new time-sensitive special offer.

But hurry! Offer ends January 31!

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