I am someone who likes to know what is going to happen. For every course I’ve taken, I start by checking out the syllabus or agenda. I like to get the big picture first to know what to expect.

This carries into the events I facilitate. I usually plan out the flow of information, what is going to be addressed when, making sure I don’t forget anything. (Yes, I’ve been called a control freak.)

But for planning the upcoming Wild Women SoulCollage® Retreat, I decided I needed to let my Wild Soul do the planning rather than Miss Perfectionist (yes, she does have a SoulCollage® card). I got a journal and just started opening up pages and writing down thoughts about this upcoming weekend event and particularly about the wild woman archetype. Sometimes I picked the next page, sometimes I opened up to a random page.

Now,  I do have ideas about the flow of the SoulCollage® information as I want to make sure that we hit a couple of key topics. But I wanted the Wild Woman content to emerge out of whatever comes up with the group.

It was interesting to realize how much of what I heard or thought in the last few months can relate to this archetype. So I threw it into the journal and we’ll see what of all those ideas (and there is way too many for one weekend) decides to emerge.

For kicks, I made a video of this journal.

Check out the the Wild Women SoulCollage® Retreat happening June 15 – 17, 2018!